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From the Pastor
September 3, 2020, 10:13 AM


Matthew 9:1-8

Jesus will not stay where He is not wanted.  He left Gadarenes as an act of judgment.  He had demonstrated His power to save people, and the people chose money over Him.  Verse 1 tells us He returned to His own city, Capernaum.  This miracle continues to demonstrate the deity of Jesus.  In chapter 8, we saw Him with authority over creation (8:23-27).  Verses 28-34 show His authority over demons.  This miracle demonstrates His authority to forgive sins.  We must not assume that all illness is the result of personal sin.  Jesus taught in John 9:3 there is suffering that is for the glory of God.  Jesus' response in these verses was given to show that He had the authority to forgive sins (verse 6).  To prove that point, Jesus healed this man.  The point being if Jesus can heal a physically sick man surely he can heal a spiritually dead man.  Friend, if you do not know Jesus as Savior, He will heal you.  Christian friend, don't cease to pray for the salvation of others.  God is able.