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From the Pastor
September 8, 2020, 11:55 AM

Should I Fast?

Matthew 9:14-17

The short answer is yes, but not as a religious ritual.  Pharisees fasted about twice a week but it did little to change their hearts.  They fasted for the wrong reasons.  Jesus provides the reason why His followers should fast.  The illustration is that you don't fast at a wedding.  Meaning that fasting is not done just to be done, but there is an appropriate time to fast.  Fasting grows out of a sense of sorrow in which you are devoting time to prayer.  Fasting is a result of a heart overcome with care.  You forgo food to devote more time with God.   You forgo food to express your hope in God.  Fasting doesn't earn God's favor but expresses your hope in God.  Should you fast?  Yes, if your heart desires to devote more time with God.