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From the Pastor
September 9, 2020, 11:00 AM

Jesus' Compassion

Matthew 9:18-26

Matthew presents two miracles of Jesus that add colorful brush strokes to the portrait of our Savior.  The first miracle highlights His omnipotence (perfect power) over our greatest enemy, death.  He raises the synagogue ruler's child from the dead.  The second miracle reveals his omniscience (perfect knowledge).  Jesus knew that the woman with a blood issue had touched Him.  The miracles together showcase the deity and the compassion of Jesus.  He sympathized with us in a way that reminds us God cares about us.  He shows compassion in His power and He shows His knowledge with compassion.  Let us go to Kin Jesus and ask Him to aid us in our walk in this world.  We can be certain He will work in our life for our good.