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From the Pastor
September 14, 2020, 9:20 AM

Sent Out

Matthew 10:1-4

The Twelve Apostles had been taught by Jesus and went with Him on a mission trip.  They heard His assessment that the harvest was plentiful but the workers few.  They would soon be sent out on their own.  How should we view our commission from Jesus?  First, we should not see it as an unrealistic burden.  We should be thankful that Jesus is sending us out.  I believe it dishonors the name of our Lord when we live as though it is a burden to share the Gospel.  We should plead with God to give us more opportunities.  Second, we should live in  confidence.  Look closer at verse 1.  Jesus doesn't send them with nothing.  They are being sent out with authority.  They are going in the name of Jesus.  We have all we need to do all that Jesus asks us to do.  Let's get on mission for Jesus.