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From the Pastor
September 16, 2020, 11:10 AM


Matthew 10:7-15

Yesterday, Jesus told them where to go on this mission trip.  Today, He tells them how to go.  There were three guidelines they were to follow on this journey.  They are to speak the Gospel and see the word proclaimed (verse 7).  They were to demonstrate Gospel love in verse 8.  They were to go as servants to the Gospel.  The Gospel is not an opportunity for one to get rich, but it is a life called to live dependently on Jesus.  Gospel bearers will suffer while on their trip, but they are not to worry about revenge.  They are to leave it up to God to deal with those who insult them.  We must be faithful witnesses by living out our faith, but at some point, we mus share the faith with others. We must give reason for our hope (1Peter 3:15].  There will be times of rejection, but we shouldn't fret but give them over to God.