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From the Pastor
September 28, 2020, 10:37 AM

Marks of a Difference-Maker: Convictions

Matthew 11:7-15

The first mark of a difference maker is that he has convictions, and he is willing to take a stand.  Jesus asked the crowds what they came out to see? What was John's appeal?  What caused them to leave the comfort of their home and travel into the wilderness?  Was it a man who was double-minded?  People who make a difference are driven by convictions.  The difference between people who make an eternal difference is that they are driven by convictions given by the Holy Spirit through the Scriptures.  John the Baptist's conviction was that the Messiah was coming, and later he proclaimed Jesus to be the Messiah.  John the Baptist lost his life because he would not deny his convictions.  Stand firm in the Bible.  Do you want to make a difference?  Believe in your need for the Gospel, and this world's need for the Gospel.