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From the Pastor
September 30, 2020, 9:15 AM

Marks of a Difference-Maker: Know Your Place

Matthew 11:7-15

Difference-makers know their place.  They do not try to be anything but what God has called them to be.  Many people waste their entire life trying to be someone but what God wants them to be.  John the Baptist knew his place in God's kingdom was that of a prophet.  He didn't gloat about it or envy others who had it easier.  He was committed to doing what God called him to be in this age. You can't make a difference for God's glory and the good of others if you are not obedient to God's call for your life.  Are you serving God?  Verses 11-12 remind us that a member of the church is greater than John the Baptist.  We have no excuse not to make a difference.  Believer you are called to make a difference for God's glory.  Are you the kind of person who makes a difference?