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From the Pastor
October 1, 2020, 11:27 AM

Faces in a Crowd

Matthew 11:16-24

The devotional verses today reveal to us that wicked hearts will not recognize the grace of God in their life.  There are two groups mentioned in verses 16-19.  They respond to Jesus differently, but they have the same problem.  They are sinners who refuse to accept Jesus on His terms.  Both are telling Jesus you don't dance to our tune.  Jesus reveals the depths of their wickedness in verse 20.  He has done most of His miracles in these towns and they refused to repent.  They refused to recognize His power and His holiness.  They refused to acknowledge their sinfulness and His glory.  Verses 20-24 teach us that they will endure a greater judgment than other cities because they saw His power and rejected Him.  Do you make demands of Jesus or do you worship Jesus?