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From the Pastor
October 5, 2020, 11:09 AM

God's Work of Salvation:  Rest

Matthew 11:28-29

Beds do not communicate, but there are times I hear my bed calling my name.  My weary body is drawn to find rest in my bed.  2020 has created a different type of weariness.  The world is exhausted from COVID-19 and the chaos in our country.  Suggestions and solutions abound from various experts on how to overcome the physical and mental aspects of this pandemic.  Sin is a pandemic that has been in the world since Adam and Eve.  The infection rate is 100%.  The  effects of the sin virus is everywhere you look.  Sin has separated us from God.  We are under condemnation.  Sinners are weary of this virus, but continue to reject the gracious invitation of Matthew 11:28, "Come to me."  This invitation is open to all but only those who know their best is not good enough will enter into the rest promised by the Sovereign Savior.  The means by which we come into this rest is to come under His yoke.  We cease striving to earn God's favor and submit to His work in our life.  God's invitation to come to Him is not to add to our burden but to set us free from our sin.  Jesus is the rest for our souls (v29).  His yoke is easy and his burden light (v30).