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From The Pastor
October 13, 2020, 9:05 AM

The Unpardonable Sin Part III

Matthew 12:22-32

The Pharisees attributed the healing of the demon-possessed man to the devil.  The word Beelzebub originated with Baal worship that was prominent in the Old Testament.  Beelzebub became synonymous with the Devil.  This is a horrible sin. It reveals the heart of the wicked Pharisees.  A believer would not call Jesus a tool of the devil.  They attributed His power to Hell.  This reveals their unregenerate state.  This was not a mistake.  The Pharisees didn't misspeak.  You and I might say something by mistake or even out of anger, but this accusation was more than an emotional outburst.  It revealed their sinful heart.  Jesus knew their thoughts because He was God.  He was not a demon but the creator of all things.  He created the angels and some fell from grace.  The unpardonable sin cannot be committed by accident.  The reality is no sin is done by accident because sin comes from our flesh.  Their sin against Jesus was illogical from a purely worldly perspective.  Verse 26 highlights the foolish accusation against Jesus.  Foolish, however. is not the unpardonable sin.  Take some time today and reflect on the foolish behavior of sinners.