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From The Pastor
October 26, 2020, 2:39 PM

The Infinite Value of Salvation

Matthew 13:44-46

What is your most valuable possession?  What do you treasure more than anything?  If we consider the things of this world, we might say our family.  We might consider pictures of them or sensational items that remind us of a moment with them. Memories are highly valuable.  The parables before us remind us of infinite value of salvation.  We have in these two parables seeking souls who come upon objects that give them immense joy and security.  These seekers give all they have for the joy of the treasure for them.  What lessons can we learn from these two parables?  Salvation is priceless. You cannot compare it to anything in this world.  How can one measure time against eternity?  You cannot.  Eternity is not bound by the finiteness of life in a fallen world.  A redeemed person comes to grasp the  value of knowing Christ over all the riches of this world.  The second lesson we learn is that salvation demands we forsake all our earthly treasures so that we may enjoy salvation.