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From The Pastor
November 2, 2020, 12:00 AM

Thankful For Christ's Compassion

Matthew 14:15-21

What acts of compassion did Jesus do in Matthew 14:15-21?  The obvious one was the feeding of the 5,000.  He had been teaching and healing people and they were without food.  Jesus was not going to send them away hungry.  It is true that the spiritual is greater than the physical, but this doesn't mean that the physical is not important.  Jesus cares about the physical needs you have, and you should ask Him to meet your physical needs.  Can you spot the not so obvious compassionate act of Jesus?  Do you need a hint?  Read verse 16 again.  Jesus'' response to the disciples was an act of compassion because He was teaching them to trust in Him.  The most compassionate thing Jesus can do is to strengthen our trust in Him.  The disciples were given a task that was beyond them so that they would look unto Jesus.  Give thanks to Jesus for how He meets your needs and for the ways He strengthens your faith in Him.

Thankful Thoughts:  We can be thankful that Jesus meets our needs.