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From The Pastor
November 4, 2020, 10:30 AM

The Danger of Being Spiritually Blind

Matthew 14:34-15:14

I had a history professor at Ouachita Baptist University who was blind.  He was a brilliant man who would baffle us with his ability to tell who was attempting to leave class early.  He would call out the student's name and tell them the bell had not yet rung.  At times, he would come to class with a band-aid on his forehead.  We would ask him what happened and he would often reply that his wife rearranged the furniture in the house.  As brilliant as he was it was dangerous for him to walk in a vision-oriented world.

Spiritual blindness is dangerous and it is sinful.  In verses 34-36, Matthew records that people came to Jesus to be healed.  You can imagine the joy of being healed by touching the robe of Jesus.  Many came to believe that He was the Messiah.  Yet, there was a group who couldn't see who Jesus really was.  Do you see the glory of Jesus at work in your life?

The religious leaders were spiritually blind.  They saw the miracles of Jesus, but they refused to believe in Jesus.  They were blinded by their tradition.  They were blinded by the religion they had created.  They were blinded by their fear of Jesus.  They were blinded by their ambition.  Jesus called them blind guides.  Can you imagine a blind guide leading you down a steep mountain trail?  The religious leaders were leading the Jews to Hell.  The spiritually blind focus on the minor while neglecting the major.  They emphasize the outside and not the inside. What is your focus in life?  Are you giving attention to your heart?  

The Great Physician asks a diagnostic question to expose the sin of the religious leaders.  Their focus was on a ceremonial aspect of the law, while they were breaking one of the Ten Commandments.  It is easy to observe tradition, then follow the commands of God.  The spiritually blind person may sound spiritual or look spiritual but their hearts are far from God.

Thankful Thoughts:  Let us be thankful that the Holy Spirit has given us eyes to  behold the beauty of the Cross.