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From The Pastor
November 10, 2020, 8:41 AM

Feeding The Multitude

Matthew 15:32-29

If you need proof that your pastor is not Jesus this passage will demonstrate it for you.  I call you attention to Jesus' response to the crowds in verse 32.  "I feel compassion for the people."  My compassion is not always natural for me.  It is a struggle for me to be compassionate.  Compassion was natural for Jesus.  He looked at the needs of people and desired to meet those needs.  You don't convince Jesus to love you.  He loves you.  He cares for you.  He is at work on your behalf in Heaven.  Jesus loves people,  and we should love people.  We should care about both the physical and spiritual needs in our world.  Our hearts should be soft toward those who are struggling in life.

Thankful Thoughts:  Be thankful for the compassionate heart of Jesus.