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From The Pastor
November 16, 2020, 8:00 AM

Think About God

Matthew 16:21-23

The Cross was not an accident, but the plan of God from eternity.  Jesus attempted to teach His disciples that He came to die for sinners.  This truth was hard to accept because kings do not normally die for others.  Jesus who was The King of Kings surely wouldn't die, but that is the exact doctrine taught in the Bible.  Jesus came to die for sinners.  Peter was thinking like a citizen of this age, not a citizen of Heaven.  Jesus doesn't give Peter a pass.  He responds with strong coffee, "Get behind me, Satan!"  Peter had gone from hero to goat.  Peter's confession of Christ's divinity was followed up by a correction of Christ's poor theology.  The sinner is correcting the Savior.  Here we see the need to submit to God's plan.  We must not walk by sight, but by faith.  God's ways are not the same as our ways.  Are you a confessor or a stumbling block to the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Thankful Thoughts:  The Cross was not an accident but the plan of God to save you.