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From The Pastor
November 19, 2020, 10:07 AM

Faith That Moves Mountains

Matthew 17:14-20

Vacations are great until you go back to the real world.  In my morning prayer times, I feel like the Apostle Paul but as soon as I get in my car I feel like Judas.  The three disciples who were with Jesus would soon encounter a situation that required faith.  The other disciples were not able to heal a man's son who was possessed by a demon.  Jesus rebukes them for their lack of faith in verse 17.  The disciples wanted to know why they couldn't drive out the demon.  His answer in verse 20 provides all  believers with the key to living in a fallen world.  It is a faith that rests in God, flees to God, and follows after God.  We do not have a faith that demands from God, but not looks to God.  We have a faith that wants comfort while ignoring the challenges.  We misused faith and are weak.  A faith the seeks the glory of God is unstoppable.  Do you want a faith that moves mountains?  Look to God and rest in Him.

Thankful Thought:  God gives us rest.