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From The Pastor
November 27, 2020, 11:00 AM

Settling Conflict

Matthew 18:15-20

What is the right way to handle conflict?  What do you do when someone sins against you?  Do we get even?  Do we tell the world how we have been wronged?  Do we post it on social media?  The first step is to just not be offended.  We live in a world where everybody is offended at something.  The odd man out is the one who doesn't get offended.  This step is not in our verses today, but it is an important part of handling conflict.  However, if you cannot move on the next best step is to go and talk to the offender (provided it is safe to do so).  Explain to him with a soft tone why you are offended.  Help him to see why his words or his actions have harmed you.  If he will not listen to you or you cannot resolve it, find 2 or 3 godly people to go with you.  When you go with others, go with a heart to reconcile not a heart to win the argument.  If this fails, we are to take it to the church with the hope that he will repent of his sin.  If this fails, the church is commanded to treat him as a person outside of the faith.

Thankful Thoughts:  God has given us a clear guideline to resolve conflict.  Let us be thankful for the Spirit who can direct us in difficult relational times.